Welcome to The Village of Micely


Sculpting Clay - Elk Grove, Illinois
Sculpting Tools - Erlanger, Kentucky
Molding - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Casting Resin - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Paint - Norcross, Georgia
Paint Brushes - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Varnish - Whittier, California
Glues - Hartford, Connecticut
Bubble Wrap - Conyers, Georgia
Boxes - Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin

All printing and assembly is done locally.
Eyelets (for hanging) - Roseville, California



As this is being written, America is going through tough economic times.

When I began work on the Village of Micely I decided I wanted to make a difference with it, even if it is very small.

So I decided while I could to use American-made products in the construction of these little mice. My goal was to make them as close to 100% American-made as possible.

I was pleasantly surprised that much of the materials I already worked with were made in the USA.

A few others posed a problem, however most often I found a solution. In many cases, the American-made products worked better.

While I have friends in other countries, right now I feel it's important to support your neighbor and I hope in a small way I did that.

Mayor of Micely