October 2013 


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Holiday Preparations Underway

Captain Candy Halloween OrnamentIt seems hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is almost here!

The mice have been busy harvesting the last of the autumn crops and preparing decorations for the big feast! A wonderful tradition that the mice look forward to every year is the apple-smoked cheese, which is aged all year and served on Thanksgiving. For many a mouse, this cheese is all the dessert they need!

As much as they enjoy Thanksgiving, the mice know there’s an even bigger holiday on the way, so a lot of them have already started their decorating for Christmas too. It’s never really too early to start celebrating the festive spirit of Christmas.

Santa is even beginning his own preparations for the annual moonlit trip over the Village. This year, the jolly old elf is reporting that early wish lists from the little mouselets are showing high demand for a pair of ragdolls and a toy soldier.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve often wondered where Santa gets ideas for toys every year… well, it turns out a lot of his ideas come from the very little mice elves who work at his Village studio. For example, for the ragdolls he used his little elves Christy and Misty as inspiration! These two like to be different, but similar, so they are wearing the same Rose Pink and Dusty Mauve colored dresses, but in opposing patterns.

For the toy soldier, Santa used the Major of his studio guard as the perfect model!

Along with all their holiday planning, the mice have been busy making ornaments of Misty, Christy and the Major for the General Store. You may notice they are a little different from our other ornaments in that they don't have bases. There's a good reason for this... while you can always hang them up or set them in your display, the mice are dreaming up another fun way to show them off next year...

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Pageant
Last year we introduced you to the first part of our Pageant play, Angelic Appearance, a little mouse so excited for her role as the angel that she forgot her halo and had to use her tail instead.Little Louie Register-to-Win

This year, the mice are introducing the Mary, Joseph and Jesus players.

The little baby is so tired that during the performance he sleepily lets out a big yawn to the delightful "awws' of the audience.

Like the Santa's Studio collection above, these do not have bases and the collection will continue next year!

Both the Santa's Studio collection and Pageant players will be in the General Store very soon.


A Micely Thank You #3
A transcribed note from the mice...
"Each year we have Mayor Tim post a message on Facebook (it takes too long for us to type, hopping from key to key) requesting photos of YOUR Micely Village.

Those who follow our tails and send in one get a very special ornament from us, which is always kept as a super-secret surprise. If Mayor Tim helps paint them, he has to do it blindfolded because we know he can't keep a secret. (Don't worry, we supervise... we ALWAYS supervise.)

We're now asking for Christmas photos of your Village. Doesn't matter how big or small it is, or even if they're perched on a tree. Just send Mayor Tim a photo between December 1 - 15, 2013 on our big Facebook page or to his email address, which is Mayor@Micely.com.

Your super-secret surprise will arrive in January when we let the Mayor take his blindfold off to go to the Post Office."

In our last issue, we introduced you to Louie, our newest little baseball player. While our home team didn't win the big game, Christopher Otis and Angela Bresnahan did win little Louies! Thank you to all who participated!

In Our Next Issue
The December issue will be a look back at 2013 and thank all who made it so great, including a friend who, among other things, helped give life to Santa's toys this year. We'll also have a few hints as to what you might expect in 2014. Since the mice are not planning to travel next year, we hope to have a lot more time to bring you even more fun things in 2014!



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