Take Me Out To The Ball Game
The Real Story of Stanley "The Mouse"

Many years ago (before I met my Micely family) I got a phone call from a local hospital, which needed to hire a graphic artist quickly. The previous employee had left just weeks prior to their annual benefit golf tournament.

The tourney was named in honor of St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball legend, Stan “The Man” Musial.

I had to quickly put together signage and programs, which were passed off to Mr. Musial for approval. This was my first real job and I knew if he were to reject them, my job would be over before it started!

However, when he called back he very kindly said they were perfect.

A few weeks later I was asked to work at the tourney. I had a chance to talk to Stan and asked him to sign the program I had designed. I explained who I was and thanked him for his kindness. He patted me on the shoulder and with a big smile said, “You did good, kid!”

Over the next ten years I had the joy of seeing him every year at the tourney. I always looked forward to hearing him play, “Take Me out to the Ball Game” on his harmonica at the dinners afterward.

If you ever visit Busch stadium, you’ll find his statue in the honored position at main gate. However, sadly you won’t find Stan himself there anymore as he passed away earlier this year.

While little Stanley “The Mouse” had no connection to Stan "The Man," he always plays ball in remembrance of him. In recognition of Stan's military service, his team uniform is the patriotic colors of red, white and blue.


Why is Stanley hiding a baseball behind his back?
Stan Musial always kept a stash of baseballs with him, usually hidden in the trunk of his car. If he ever met anyone who wanted his signature, particularly a child, instead of signing a piece of paper, he'd surprise them with a real baseball instead!


Help Choose a Halloween Costume
It takes awhile for a Mother mouse to put together her mouselet's costume for Halloween... This year one of them is having trouble figuring out what to make, so she is asking for your help. Please visit our Facebook page and vote on our question dated on May 6th.

Here are her costume ideas so far: a cowboy, Frankenstein, a cat, or a court jester. You can also type in your idea too!


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