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A Mischievous Little Angel
Every ornament that's handmade has it's own unique story.
Our little angel misbehaved quite a bit trying to get her ready for her big appearance.

Every mouse starts out with a sculpt. Our little angel began in three pieces, which includes her wings and tiny paws.

Angelic Appearance Sculpt

Molds are made around the sculpts so they can be copied (called casting). Some molds are a bit different, like the ones for her paws, which need more flexibility because of their small size.

Angelic Appearance Molds

Making an ornament in a mold is similar to making a waffle in a waffle-maker.

Serene Wonder in a Wafflemaker!

Imagine your waffle maker was curved like a frowny face...

Your batter would be all over the floor! That was the problem with our little angel's wings, which have a similar curve, so the mold had to be very carefully designed to hold in the "mice batter."

However, that was just not enough...

For casting, each wing mold has to be overfilled, closed and then carefully hand-rocked back and forth, up and down for 5 minutes each to keep just enough of the batter in place.

Hand-rocking the mold

Once they were finished and placed on the angel, we found that the wings began spreading out wider! She was obviously just stretching her wings, but something had to be done so she wouldn't pop them off. The mice batter was changed to make the wings stronger... we just put some more calcium in her diet!

Once all of her individual pieces are ready, she's painted, glued, a tail is found and a little eyelet is placed so she's ready for her big day in the Christmas pageant!

Since she forgot her halo, her curly tail is just long enough to be great substitute!

She's a bit fussy, but we still love her!

Angelic Appearance

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