The Micely Post Opens!

In the February newsletter I asked if anyone could guess what kind of building was coming to Micely first. If you guessed a Post Office, you were correct!

The Micely Post is a stately stone building with a copper roof. A tree long ago once grew next to it, the branches slowly hugging the building over time for warmth during the winter.

Eventually it was decided the tree would make an excellent drop box for mail so it was hallowed out and a drop slot cut in the front.

"Christmas Rush" is a companion to the Post Office. If you've ever been in a rush to get packages out to arrive in time for Christmas, you'll know what this mouse is all about!


P.S. A Micely home, also decorated for Christmas, will also be added to the Village later this year. If there is sufficient interest, other buildings (Halloween, etc.) may be added too.


What's in a Name?
Many wonderful name suggestions came in after the February newsletter with names for what would eventually be, "Easter Rose." EasterRose

Several people came up with "Rose" as a name for our newest little girl, including Angela from Texas. However, it was Diana from California that put it all together with the name "Easter Rose." Her idea suggested that in following years, a new little girl in an Easter dress could come along with a different flower next to her with a coordinating dress.

Taking that advice, a little mouse will probably show up next year in a dress coordinated with a lily, which was a suggestion from Bea in Minnesota.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a suggestion, they were all wonderful! Even if yours was not picked, don't be surprised to see it used elsewhere in the Village!

"Micely Honors" is a new page on the website started by the mice to thank those who have contributed to an ornament.


Tails From the Next Email
In the next email, in May, the mice will share stories about the baseball career of Stanley "The Mouse".


Events Update
The mice recently found out that one of the two events they would be at this year has been cancelled. That's okay, they are just planning more fun for Kansas City in August now!


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April 2013