October 2013


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Happy Spring... Well, Almost

Spring is almost here in the Village. Just yesterday we had a hint of it in the air. It was a nice warm day with a refreshing spring shower.

However, winter just isn’t ready to give up completely yet, so it sent the polar vortex down and we ended the day with several inches of snow.

The mice made the best of it, though. Just after the rain, we trekked to the outskirts of the Village to see if we could find the end of the rainbow that had appeared overhead. We did! More importantly, we met a new friend there, Sam Rock.

Sam is a little mouse, but he’s also a leprechaun, so his job is to follow rainbows everywhere and keep a sharp eye out on his most prized treasure, his pot of gold.

By the time we returned to the Village, there was a chill in the Captain Candy Halloween Ornamentair and we caught our first glimpse of several lonely snowflakes. A few hours later, those snowflakes were joined by many, many friends creating several inches of snow.

It’s been a tough winter, but the mice are resilient and always try to make the best of any situation. After a bit, the mice started coming out of their homes and you could hear laughter and giggling everywhere as little mouselets were making snowmouse angels and constructing snowmice. SnowySurpriseBackground

One father mouse even built a snowfort so he could have a snowball fight with his little mouselets. It’s hard say whether or not he won, though!

It was an unusual weather day for the Village, but one the mice made the best of.

"Sam Rock" and "Snowy Surprise" are now available in our General Store.


Looking Ahead

LibertySculptThe mice are planning out a fun 2014! We have quite a few ornaments in progress right now and still have many yet to begin.

Right now we are working on our largest, most detailed Halloween piece so far. It will require at least 10 separate molds to make all the pieces for it. (The mice are busy with an activity many of us have fun trying at Halloween.

We are busy with Christmas too! I won’t say too much, but if you read closely, you might get an idea of some of the ornaments to come…

I’m also putting finishing touches on our own little Statue of Liberty. The photo shown here is the sculpt. The base is still in progress.

Thank Yous...

On the front page of the Micely website there is a link called "Micely Honors." On that page, I do my best to acknowledge the contributions of so many of our Micely friends.

I love getting ideas and suggestions! I try to use as many of them as possible, sometimes, though it may take awhile before they finally appear.

I encourage you to look at that list and if you ever meet one of those people listed, ask them to sign the mouse they contributed to. In the past several months I have even started signing smaller, leaving room open for another signature in hopes that will happen!

I do want to take special note of my friend, Marc Mirabal. If you are also a Hallmark collector, you probably know him from his Digital Dreambook website. He has been such a wonderful friend of the mice, I think he has become a mouse himself! He's quick with great ideas, suggestions and paint options. For over a year, he kept telling the mice to look for the end of the rainbow and when they finally did, little Sam Rock was born.



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