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Since the 1990's I have sculpted many creatures, including bears, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, penguins, polar bears and puppy dogs. I've even sculpted more mythical creatures like monsters and dragons. However, I seem to always find may way back to mice.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about sculpting mice is that they can do almost anything and be in almost any situation. They have innocent eyes, big hearts and all they ever really want is a piece of cheese! (Don't we all?)
Just Saying Hello Ornament Sculpt
Going It Alone. While attempting a project as big as Micely, going it alone can be difficult. However, there are several benefits including using the highest-quality products I can locate. You can read more about that

If I do find something isn't working right, I can fix it right away and not ship a product that I wouldn't even want to own myself.

I'm also freed from committees that so often dull down creativity.

That said, Micley has many friends who help tremendously in many ways. I do my best to honor their kindness on the Micely Honors page of this site. In recent years, my friend Marc Mirabal has shared his creativity with the mice making them more colorful, detailed and fun! (If you are a Hallmark ornament collector, you'll love his digitalDREAMBOOK website.)

If you collect my mice and ever meet with anyone listed on the
Micely Honors page, I encourage you to ask them to sign your ornament too. Nothing would make me happier!

Mice Creation. I sculpt each mouse by hand with a clay material called Sculpey. It's baked and then a mold is made from which individual castings are created from a high-quality resin that is extremely difficult to break. The mice are then sanded, sealed, painted and finished.

In my original plans for Micely, I had envisioned them as figurines, but realizing so many prefer ornaments, I chose to put eyelets in them so they can hang also. The few pieces that do not hang are noted as accessories, tree toppers or whatever their purpose is.

As to size, the mice themselves are about 1 to 1-1/2 inches tall from paw to ear, depending on their age. The littlest ones are called mouselets.

The Village began life on August 5th, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri and since then my little journey has allowed to meet so many wonderful people whom I probably would not have met otherwise, so I see my little furry guys as nothing but blessings to me.

Mayor of Micely

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