Welcome to The Village of Micely

The mice love to search for inspiration when designing their ornaments. Sometimes they ask for ideas and sometimes they just appear at their doorstep. No matter where it comes from, the mice love to say thank you when someone helps them make an ornament even better!

All Village of Micely/Micely Creations designs are sculpted and produced by Tim Allen. Additional design credits to:


Marc Mirabal

  • A “Sharp” Display (coloring, naming)
  • A Light of Hope (coloring)
  • A Victorian Doll (coloring)
  • Captain Candy (reimagining, coloring, naming)
  • Candy Coin Bucket (coloring)
  • Cheese Melt
  • Christy & Misty (concept, coloring)
  • Frankie (concept, coloring, naming)
  • Gourdy “Li’l Punkin” (naming)
  • Jest for Fun! (concept, coloring, naming)
  • Little Lincoln (reimagining)
  • Major Little (concept, coloring)
  • Miss Liberty (coloring, naming)
  • One Big Royal Egg (coloring)
  • Ornamental Topiary (coloring)
  • Sam Rock (concept, coloring, naming)
  • Snow Fair! (coloring)
  • Snow Patrol (reimagining)
  • Snowy Fence Accessory (concept)
  • Snowy Surprise (coloring, naming)
  • Sonny’s Surprise (baby chick sculpt, coloring, naming)
  • Taking the Plunge (coloring, naming)
  • The Apple Bandit (coloring/naming)
  • The Devil Wears Jammies (concept, coloring)
  • The Deviltail of Kansas City (coloring)
  • The Incredible Hunk of Cheese (coloring/naming)
  • Whoo’s Watching Me (coloring, naming)
  • Mrs. Claus (coloring)
  • Teddy Mouse (coloring)
  • Mistletoe Wishes (concept)
  • The Love Bandit (concept, coloring)
  • Little Bow Pink (coloring, naming)
  • Palmer (concept, coloring, naming)
  • Dew Drop Pond (baby chick sculpt, naming)

Micely Creations:

  • Brown/Black Bear in Wreath (coloring)
  • Owl I Want for Christmas (coloring)


Angela Bresnahan

  • Easter Rose (naming)
  • A “Sharp” Display (concept)


Beatrice Otis

  • Jumping Jack (concept)
  • Flash (concept)


Diana St. James

  • Easter Rose (naming)


Mary Hetting

  • Angelic Appearance Miniature Tree Topper (request)


Sean Greeley

  • Grandma’s Fitting Gift (coloring)


Stacey Nagy

  • Christmas Rush (concept, naming)