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#2 - Owl in Stocking

"Frightful Fun" Halloween Decor & Ornament

Memories of a crisp autumn with nature’s orange palette being the backdrop to huge imaginations and childhood fun is where Frightful Fun began.

Perhaps nothing is more reminiscent of the season than a large, plump pumpkin. It serves it so tastefully well in many ways.

The carved pumpkin, known as a Jack-o-Lantern, is the face of Halloween… a face most certainly not stoic, as the candle inside flickers with whisps of night air. While its face might be frightful, the goodness inside surely is not. The freshly scooped seeds, touched with butter and a dash of salt, roasted on a baking sheet become lasting memories that will be passed through generations.

For a child those memories are often surreal, for a parent they are the joy of making it real—the very heart of this design.

Frightful Fun is handmade in the Midwest from start to completion, using traditional artistic methods. (While we love our computers, the only thing we print are labels.) Beginning with small lumps of clay, each piece of the design was sculpted by hand with tools as small as a pin. Sometimes not just as small, but actually a pin!

The pieces are then set, where they are made into the molds. From the molds pour castings which are individually sanded and trimmed.

Each casted piece is hand-painted by brush, just slightly bigger than a pin, and then assembled together into a design so Frightfully Fun!

Tray and PumpkinThreaded Votive
Top: The three sculpted pieces which make up the pumpkin resting on the original baking sheet. Below: Each votive cast is drilled and threaded to give it the appearance of a wick.

Approximately 3-inches wide.
Artist Crafted.
First in the "Holiday Memories" collection.
Available Now in the Micely General Store