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#2 - Owl in Stocking

#2 - "Owl I Want For Christmas" Ornament

Approximately 3-inches tall.
Availability: Micely General Store

Concept/Sculpt: Tim Allen
Coloring: Marc Mirabal

Does this little owl look familiar?  If so, it's because he has little relatives in The Village of Micely!

Last year around Halloween, his cousins, saw-whet owls, found homes in the Village. They became good friends and protectors of the mice. This year we get to meet the snowy owls, not only in the Village, but in Micely Creations!


Sleeping OwlAn Eye on the Owl. I must be honest, this design came after what must have been hours of watching video of people with their pet owls.

Until watching those videos, I had no idea anyone kept owls as pets or that it was even possible due to their temperament.

Go search for the phrase "petting an owl's head" and look at the videos that come up. Those are some of the cutest videos I have ever seen.

I'm not sure I would ever have the courage to pet an owl's head, and I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone try, but I began to truly appreciate how cute they could be.

That got me to thinking about a special gift some lucky children receive on Christmas morning... a tiny puppy or kitten all snuggled in a stocking waiting to be loved. I couldn't help but put the two together and wondered if there ever was such a special family in the world where a baby owl was found in the morning...

I kind of hope so...


Owl's FaceA New Breed of Owl. In my original idea, I had envisioned the dark brown owl, which can be seen on the fence of "Whoo's Watching Me" as the owl in this stocking. If you notice they are scultped exactly the same, except this guy is a whole lot bigger!

However, I wasn't happy with how the owl's colors worked with a Christmas stocking. Marc thankfully stepped in and came up with an adorable snowy owl paint style. I feel it truly made all the difference and I love how well the colors express a wide-eyed innocence and wonder.


Back to the Village. It wasn't long after finishing this ornament that Marc called again asking if I had a "Whoo's Watching Me" ready to paint. He had the idea to reimagine the scene as winter with this same snowy owl in the scene. I must admit, when he presented the idea I didn't think much of it, now I think of it as a masterpiece of the entire collection.

I hope you like the addition of the snowy owls to our little family!

Owl sculptOwl sculptOwl sculpt