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#1 - Black Bear in Wreath

#1 - Bear in Wreath Christmas Ornament

Black or brown bear available (bear color is only difference).
Approximately 2-inches tall.
Availability: Micely General Store
Final Day to Order: January 31, 2015

Concept/Sculpt: Tim Allen
Coloring: Marc Mirabal

The concept of this ornament is based on a 2002 photo of my kitty, named Huskey. I was working on a project and put a wreath on the floor so I could decorate and photograph it easily. I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back Huskey had comfortably plopped down right in the middle of it!

HuskeyInWreath1Considering that during Huskey's terrible two's he had climbed my Christmas tree and knocked it down (among other things!), I certainly didn't mind him showing this particular, harmless kind of affection for Christmas! This photo is one my most fond remembrances of him, and I always hoped someday to work it into an ornament.

I also used to sculpt bears... a lot of black bears with big bellies full of honey. However, it had been years since I sculpted one, so I wanted to see if I still could! I made a connection to my bear and this photo and the idea was born.

After finishing this sculpt, molding and casting it, I painted the bear black and called Marc, asking for suggestions about colors for the rest of it. One of the first things he asked was, 'have you thought about a brown bear?' BearInWreathSculpt

I had never painted a brown bear, but decided to give it a a try. I ended up loving both bears, so I decided to leave it up to you, which bear do you like better?

Marc decided that classic Christmas reds would really stand out on this ornament, with thin gold stripes on the bow to give it an elegant touch. The light blue, white-washed scarf is a subtle reminder that this is just a baby bear having fun. His Santa hat is capped off with a sparkly white pom pom.

If you sit him on a table, he will remind you of my Huskey, relaxing in his wreath. However, if you hang him on a tree, he hangs at an angle, like he is sliding down a snowy hill using the wreath as a snow saucer!


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#1 - Black Bear in Wreath
#1 - Black Bear in Wreath Back