Welcome to The Village of Micely

Sonny's Surprsie

This year our mouse Sonny
gets to play the Easter Bunny!
Look at what he found
for the little mouselets too see,
why it's a newborn baby chickie!

Design Inspiration:

I wanted to bring the Easter Bunny to the Village, but I wasn't sure what the best way to do that was, so I finally decided it would be fun to have a mouse dressed in costume. (This is why he was given a name, instead of being named the Easter Bunny.)

And yes, it is a costume... all you have to do is look on the back and you'll find the zipper!

I sculpted the bunny and base. The little chick in his paw was created by Marc Mirabal... it is his first sculpted piece! Marc nicknamed his little chick Share, making the chick Sonny's Share.


Sonny's Surprise
Sonny's Surprise - Backside