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Dew Drop Pond

Size: Approx. 1/2 inch tall

This accessory began with my idea that it would be really cute to give the baby chick from the 2015 "Sonny's Surprise" ornament some water to splash around in.

However, those little feathers would quickly get lost in a big pond, so I thought a little puddle after a spring rain would be perfectly sized for this newborn!

I wanted a sense of fresh, clean spring water, so I added just a tiny bit of sparkly glitter underneath the clear acrylic water. (This does not photograph well, but you will notice it in person!)

Each little chick is suspended in the clear water by a small dowel that is painted to masquerade it before the clear acrylic is carefully poured around it.

For such a tiny little accessory, it's actually quite complicated!


Dew Drop Pond