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Stanley "The Mouse"

One of the best baseball players, Stanley has earned the nickname "The Mouse."


Design Inspiration:

Stanley is in honor of Stan "The Man" Musial, a legendary, Hall of Famer St. Louis Cardinals baseball player.

I had the opportunity of getting to meet and work with Stan several times over many years, designing graphics for his annual, "Stan Musial Invitational Golf Tournament" that helped raise funds to teach medical education.

He was always most kind and gracious. Stan would gladly sign anything for anyone and never for a fee.

In fact, in the trunk of his car he always carried a sack of baseballs and would often surprise his fans with them as a much nicer signed item than just a piece of paper. This is why I sculpted little Stan hiding the baseball behind his back.



This single repaint was in celebration of the St. Louis Cardinal's 2013 trip to the World Series.